For Agencies

Establish trust with transparency

For agencies, we understand that time = money. Use EveryDayta Consulting, LLC for your third-party auditing services and let us handle the data analysis for your clients. For social media managers, digital marketing managers, and content managers, our reports establish trust and transparency between you and your clients. We can work with you on a one-time assessment or provide regular reports for your clients.


What you’ll get:

  • Summary sections that explain your data in plain English.
  • Spotlight sections that highlight what is and isn’t working with your strategies.
  • Reports delivered at your desired frequency — monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  • An online portal where you can view your client’s archive of reports.
  • Your clients will also get their own accounts to be able to view archived reports.


Additional options:

  • Regular calls to discuss the data and the report before we send it directly to your client.
  • Consultation calls with your clients to discuss strategies and goals for future reports.
  • A visually attractive, insightful report that includes your client’s branding and logo.


Cost (per report): $300-$3,000+ depending on number of platforms, frequency of report and consultations scheduled.

Custom Reports

If you need a report format that’s different from our standard offering, let’s talk!

We offer a number of customizable options and can create a report specific for your or  your clients' needs.

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Spotlight Reports

For clients who just need the view from 37,000 feet, we offer a Spotlight Report that gives them the highlights without the in-depth analysis.

This budget-friendly option can give you a look at where things are so you can decide what needs to happen next.

When they’re ready for that next step, you can upgrade to one of our standard report offerings.

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