About Us

Get to know EveryDayta Consulting, LLC

Our Values:

  • Transparency — We believe that transparency builds trust. When we’re analyzing your data, we want to help you identify where you’re wasting money and where the good investments for your money are.
  • Respect — We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect — our employees, our clients, our vendors, our partners and associates. We all have a point of view and we all have something to share. We will respectfully listen to you and ask that you respectfully listen to us.
  • Accessibility — Data and numbers don’t have to be cryptic or difficult to understand. We believe that by breaking down that barrier and showing you how to understand and interpret your data, you can make better informed decisions.

EveryDayta Consulting, LLC was founded by Emma Anderson, Chief Data Wrangler.

When working on a group project, there’s always one person in the group who seems to be better with the data and the numbers, right? That’s Emma Anderson, founding member of EveryDayta Consulting, LLC.

Emma Anderson - EveryDayta CEO

"As an analyst, Emma is proactive. She changed the format of our monthly client reports and developed a more efficient method of calculating client data. She also created new global reports and used the data in said reports to generate pitches to sell additional services to clients of her own accord.”

— Joel Widman, Owner, Anderson the Fish

“Emma exudes equal parts cheerful eagerness and resourceful industriousness while maintaining professional expectations with thoughtful consideration. She is forward-thinking with a growth mindset that never strays from a place of inclusivity. Her thorough and diligent analytics are constantly expanding and refreshed, which reflects a sophisticated approach to
data analysis.”

— Dr. Joseph Miller, Ph.D., Kent State University

Let EveryDayta Consulting, LLC help you simplify your reporting, save time and money, and let you focus on the initiatives that move your business forward. Other services focus mostly on social media or search (SEO), but with EDC, you get a team of humans that do both. We take your goals and show you how the data is reflected in those goals. Connect with us today to learn more.